2020 Testing

This is the current list of available 2020 testing dates for our members who want to compete. We run a testing program around each drivers specific needs, working with their engineers, technicians and driver coaches.

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Venue Date Event Type
Silverstone GP OPL Friday 31 January Silverstone
Silverstone National Monday 17 February Silverstone
Silverstone National Tuesday 18 February Silverstone
Portimao Thursday 27 & Friday 28 February FF Corse Exclusive
Silverstone GP Thursday 12 March Silverstone (Semi Exclusive)
Oulton Park International Wednesday 18 March Greystone GT (Semi Exclusive)
Mugello Monday 23 & Tuesday 24 March  
Silverstone GP Monday 30 March Silverstone (GT’s Only)
Silverstone GP Monday 31 March Silverstone (GT’s Only)
Snetterton 300 Wednesday 22 April Greystone GT (Semi Exclusive)
Silverstone GP Monday 11 May Greystone GT (Semi Exclusive)
Brno Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 May  
Hockenheim Wednesday 10 June FF Corse Exclusive
Donington Park GP Tuesday 1 September Greystone GT (Semi Exclusive)
Snetterton 300 Wednesday 23 September Greystone GT (Semi Exclusive)