Performance Parts

In line with the racing programme FF Corse have developed a range of performance related update parts for the F430 Challenge & 458. All the parts have been carefully developed and tested before being used in competition. All parts are fitted to our our race winning cars. The parts can all be supplied separately or fitted at our Silverstone workshop.

We also have a large stock of new and used genuine Ferrari parts for the F430 & 360 Challenge at our Silverstone premises. For specific parts enquiries please email

To order any of the parts below simply click on the link provided. Alternatively call 01327 857601, or email

CCM stack

Ferrari 458 Replacement CCM Brake Discs

A direct replacement CCM option for the Ferrari 458 Challenge. Designed & built in conjunction with Surface Transforms, they offer an economic solution to replacing the standard O/E discs without changing to steel brakes. They are extremely light in weight, with improved durability and an option to re-coat.

RRP Price: Fronts £2,250.00 +VAT (each)

RRP Price: Rears £1,995.00 +VAT (each)

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DSC03843 DSC03847a

Ferrari 458 Lightweight Carbon Fibre Sills

Lightweight replacement sills made in carbon fibre

RRP Price: Fronts £1,750.00 +VAT (each)

SALE PRICE: 50% discount £875.00 +VAT (each)

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Ferrari 458 Challenge Exhaust Silencer

An FF Corse twin exhaust silencer system with ceramic coating for the Ferrari 458 Challenge & 458 GT3. The system is capable of running safely under 105db on track-days and race meetings and is a direct replacement for the standard Challenge exhaust system.

RRP Price: £4625.00 +VAT

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Ferrari 458 Speciale Exhaust Silencer

Ceramic coated purpose built track-day exhaust silencer kit for Ferrari 458 Speciale, Noise limit is 98db at 5,000RPM and 102/103 at 6,000RPM.

RRP Price: £4,800.00 +VAT (excluding fitting)

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Ferrari 458 Adjustable Dampers

Three-way adjustable race dampers for the Ferrari 458 Challenge

RRP Price: £8,100.00 +VAT (per set)

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Ferrari F430 Challenge

Ferrari F430 Challenge Carbon-fibre aero dive-planes

The front dive planes have been developed in accordance with GT Cup and Ferrari Open regulations. The update parts affix directly onto the bumper and provide additional aerodynamic front grip on mid-high speed corners of the Ferrari F430 Challenge.

RRP Price: £785.00 +VAT (pair)

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Ferrari F430 Challenge: Racing Steel Brake Modification

The FF Corse steel racing brake kit for the Challenge replaces the standard factory fitment CCM (Carbon) brakes. Full kit comprises of replacement discs, mounting rotors, bobbin attachments and brake pads.

Advantages: better fee on brake application and release. More durable and longer lasting. Less expensive than CCM.

RRP Price: £7469.00 +VAT

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Ferrari F430 Race & Track-Day Replacement Exhaust

A FF Corse track-day exhaust direct replacement re-packable exhaust for the standard Ferrari Challenge exhaust designed to run at quieter UK track-day limits (102db).

Advantages: significant noise reduction & re-packable

RRP Price: £2,840.00+VAT

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